Junior TPAC Experience


Be a passenger in a pursuit finishing with a TPAC box manoeuvre. Junior version, 8 +

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One of the most dramatic things you’ll ever experience in a police chase is the TPAC or Tactical Pursuit And Containment strategies used by the police to box in a fleeing subject. Whether you are in the fleeing target vehicle, or one of the police cars in the chase, it’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget. Most people would never get the chance to experience what it’s like to be in a police car during a box manoeuvre and can be thankful that they never experience it from the other side. Being a passenger in this experience whilst all cars are driven by our professional drivers will give you a safe way to see what this is like. Our drivers will run full police commentary over the radios throughout the pursuit.

This is a passenger only experience and no driving license is required. Minimum age of participants is 8 at the date of the experience. As a junior experience, speeds will be reduced appropriately for the comfort and safety of participants. All instructors are DBS cleared.

The stafford track is approximately one mile per lap and includes 2 chicanes and 2 hairpin bends.


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