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Buy a gift voucher for The Works package which includes all three experiences.

  • Drive an Audi A6 Quattro police Car
  • Drive the bandit car to see if you can stay ahead of our police drivers
  • Be a passenger in a thrilling chase with three police cars ending in a TPAC box

You can find out more about this experience in the details sections below.

The voucher code will be emailed to you and is valid for twelve months. It can be used to book the experience at any available venue, date or session.


Demo lap * 

Do you want an unfair advantage? Make the most of your laps by booking a demo lap. At the start of your experience, you’ll get driven around the track by one of our professional drivers. They will give you all the tips and tricks to get the very best out of the cars and the track.

Add a passenger * 

Add a passenger to sit in either the bandit car or the police car whilst you drive on both driving experiences (does not include the TPAC passenger experience)

Collision Damage Waiver – multiple experiences * 

Peace of mind if you have any bumps, scrapes or worse. There is normally a maximum £5,000 excess for any damage, but if you buy this waiver you know that you won’t be picking up the bill if anything does go wrong.

Visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

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With The Works package you’ll get to do all three of our experiences.

Drive a Police Car
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to drive a high powered police car with the blues and twos on? Well, now you can live that dream by taking one of our Audi A6 Quattro police cars out on the track. You’ll be fully briefed, and accompanied by one of our highly experienced police advanced pursuit drivers. (Automatic Gearbox)

Outrun The Interceptors
Whilst failing to stop for the police isn’t normally recommended or encouraged, this is the only police chase that won’t cost you your license. You’ll be given a decent head start in the Volvo C30 2.0 litre petrol bandit car, but do you have the skill to keep ahead of a genuine Volvo V70 police traffic car being driven by one of our pursuit trained traffic officers? You’ll get four full laps of the track to stay ahead. If the police pass you, it’s all over. (Manual Gearbox)

TPAC Experience
One of the most dramatic things you’ll ever experience in a police chase is the TPAC or Tactical Pursuit And Containment strategies used by the police to box in a fleeing subject. Whether you are in the fleeing target vehicle or one of the police cars in the chase, it’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget. Most people would never get the chance to experience what it’s like to be in a police car during a box manoeuvre and can be thankful that they never experience it from the other side. Being a passenger in this experience whilst all cars are driven by our professional drivers will give you a safe way to see what this is like. Our drivers will run full police commentary over the radios throughout the pursuit. (Passenger Experience)

The Stafford track is at the Seighford Driving Centre and is approximately 1 mile per lap.

The York track is at Elvington Airfield and is approximately 1 mile per lap.

The Dunsfold track is in Surrey and is approximately 1 mile per lap.

A full driving licence is required. Please note that the cars in this experience have both manual and automatic gearboxes.